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Sunday, May 09, 2010 00:00


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Mother’s Day ads always make me nostalgic as I think about my mother and my own time as a mother to my children. My mother, Maria, at age 90 is still beautiful, confident and concerned about her appearance and fashion today as much as she was 40 or 50 years ago. She rises every morning to shower put some make up on, do her hair and get dressed up. She is not waiting for company, she is not going out she does it for her self because she loves beauty and fashion.

I remember watching my mom putting on a beautiful dress after she had fixed her hair just so. Her hair was always perfect, her make up impeccable. Mom always told me that a woman’s hair was her crown and glory. How did my mom come to enjoy fashion? She grew up in an era where a woman always wore heels and applied lipstick several times a day and being well accessorized was a must.

She becaMamame a hairstylist in our country, Ecuador, and when we came to the United States she had the opportunity to work in the Madam Alexander factory in New York City in the 1960’s. Madam Alexander saw the talent in my mom and she made my mom the hair designer for the period dolls. Madam Alexander loved my mom’s style of dressing and she asked her to pick out some fabric to have a dress made for a special occasion. That was the first of many trips my mom took to find fabric and accessories for Mrs. Alexander’s new outfits.  You see my mom can take a fabric remnant or a scarf and turn it into a shirt. She can take a couple of stitches and drape fabric onto your body with a couple of stitches and viola you are out the door looking smashing. In today’s world she would have been a stylist.

Maybe this is the reason I have always loved fashion and make up and why my hair has to always be done. After all, “I am my mother’s daughter.”