A New Kind of Scrub Print
Sunday, July 25, 2010 00:00


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We are all very familiar with the morning “java jolt” and the need for a daily Starbucks fix however; there are some secrets hidden inside your daily coffee grinds which just might surprise you. You may know caffeine can help with headaches but did you it can help with dreaded cellulite? In an article entitled Caffeine Is Latest Anti-Cellulite Weapon on CBSnews.com it not only explains why cellulite occurs but also examines cellulite reduction creams which promote caffeine as their main ingredient.

Finding this all very interesting and being an avid Google enthusiast, I hit the web to find more information. Some other articles explain  since caffeine is a natural diuretic, it is also useful in tightening skin. So I decided to test that out. I took freshly brewed coffee grounds in a plastic container and mixed it with my Dove Moisturizing Body Wash and used it as an exfoliating wash three times a week for two weeks. The scrub made my skin very soft. I have to admit I am a fan of the results. It was a little odd at first, to have your shower smell like a coffee pot but the results were worth it. I didn't have any trouble with my skin staining or smelling like a cup a Joe, which was a fear. After reading all the possible combos for making a scrub, I felt combining with my current wash was the easiest. I didn't see any recipes for a face wash (and I would be leery about using it on my face). Hopefully, this scrub will work well for you too.

If you try the scrub, tell us your thoughts? Changed or used a different combination? Tell us all about it.  Ciao!