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Sunday, March 06, 2011 00:00


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Can’t explain the recent string of breakouts? Could your make-up brush be the culprit? This may be more common sense than anything else but it’s also a highly ignored yet essential step in beauty maintenance.

Bacteria causes breakouts; dirty make-up brushes breed bacteria...ergo dirty makeup brushes = break out central. It’s basic beauty math. But unlike that annoying class from our school days, this equation is easy to solution. Clean your brushes regularly.


You may not even need to spend a dime to do it! Here’s an easy how to guide:

Offending Brushes
Shallow Bowl/Cup
Daily Cleanser
Make-up remover

  1. Gather your supplies and lay out your towel.
  2. Fill the bowl or cup about 2/3 of the way full.
  3. Add about a table spoon or two of make-up remover and about a dime size dollop of cleanser
  4. Use brushes to mix up solution till slightly sudsy. Let brushes soak for about 2 min or until water runs clear from bristles
  5. Be aware not to leave in water too long because any metal or wood could be damaged.
  6. Lay out brushes on the towel to dry occasionally fluffing the bristles until dry.

Laying the brushes out works best because keep them standing could cause mold or rust at the base of the bristles. Brushes should be ready to use within 12-24 hrs so this is a great weekend project! Now go out there and use your brushes with confidence.


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