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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 00:00


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I know we have all heard that we must drink water to keep hydrated. But after celebrating many birthdays I noticed that my skin was getting drier and drier. I tried every cream known to mankind. Nothing was helping to keep me from that dessert dry look.  I tried drinking a lot of water as often as I could. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to drink enough because it wouldn’t stay put. You know what I mean?

So when I went to see my beloved doctor at Sajunne Medical Center and complained about my dry skin Dr. Llagan she told me I needed to drink more water. Armed with the information and being a good patient I proceeded to go home and hydrate by the gallon. Sadness, the more I drank the more I went. So I scratched my head and thought, if I was working out and needed to stay hydrated what would I do? Ding! Gatorade. So I marched myself, not really called my hubby, and requested a gallon of Gatorade, G2. Immediately I started to drink and by my second glassful I started to notice that I was keeping my hydrating fluids. After the first day I started to notice that my skin was not as dry.

So thank you Gatorade, you have helped my skin and you are now part of my beauty routine. I have some G2, Gatorade and my 8 glasses of water daily and my skin looks so much smoother and I am no longer dry nor do I keep slathering myself with three or four different creams or oils.

I have incorporated a couple of other beauty ideas to make sure I keep my skin looking great. So ladies keep reading for more beauty tips. And if you have any questions ask me and I will go to my resources and try to answer them for you.