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Written by Patricia Elizabeth

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Your stylist becomes your friend, your confidant and if you are lucky he/she becomes one of your inner circle friends. Who else can you tell the gossip from work, or that juicy or snarky remark about someone in your family and know it will not go further than you and your stylist/friend and with no judgment of you. They hold your most cherished dreams close to their heart, know about your naughty side, and become your cheerleader in any of your endeavors. They can take you from looking like a wet bird in a public forum and transform you into a gorgeous swan.

That was what my Ivanko Mangia, meant to me. My stylist, my friend, my inspiration for this site and the new website which will be rolling out soon. It was because I had lost contact with him many years ago for a few short months, which led to the new site. I thought I had lost Ivanko forever. But, he had kept my phone number and we connected again till last spring. Unfortunately, I now have to say goodbye forever to Ivanko but I thank you for your friendship and because you definitely made this work a more beautiful place to exist.

I will miss you forever but I am grateful for all you ever did for me.



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