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Monday, October 25, 2010 00:00

Dr. Oz, Water, weight loss, loosing weight

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Many of women are always looking for ways to cut out some calories from our daily intake. But what if I told you there was an easy way to cut some calories without denying yourself of yet another food?

Well, Dr. Oz had a great tip to cut 70 calories daily. So you might be saying what is 70 calories? If you take the 70 calories and add them up for a week it will total 490 calories. However, if you take it a little further the calories will add up to a whopping 5,880 calories a year. Now all those calories add up to a weight loss of almost two pounds by making a simple. ICE.

Yes if you just add some ice to your daily intake of 8 glasses of water you can accomplish this. Since you should be drinking 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated and fresh looking adding ice to your water is not that hard. Why would this little change in your glass of water make a difference? Ice water becomes a metabolism booster because your body must work hard to warm the water to bring it up to body temperature.

Dr. Oz, Water, weight loss, loosing weight

Making small changes on a daily basis helps you maintain your weight with out a lot of fuss. So ladies drink up, water that is.


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