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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 00:00

beauty tip, blueberry, sugar

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The long days of summer, sand, sun and hours of water has taken a toll on your cuticles? Do not worry. I have the best little tip made up of everyday items you can find in your house.

Take ten fresh blueberries, two tablespoon of granulated sugar and five minutes dedicated just for you. This can also be done on your toes.

Cut each berry in half and dip cut side into some sugar granules. Now put your finger in the middle of the cut side covered with sugar and twist round and round each finger as though you were juicing the berry. Repeat this process on each finger. Once you have covered each finger with the blueberry juices wash your hands and spritz some olive oil onto your hands and just rub till most of the oil is absorbed into your skin. Then sit back smile and say ahhhhh.

This simple little process will quickly put natural moisturizers back into your skin and cuticles. Because the blueberries are an antioxidant they will remove any redness or inflammation of your cuticles and repair by moisturizing your hands within 24 hours. This can also be done during the winter months when the heaters remove the moisture from the air.

beauty tip, blueberry, sugar beauty tip, blueberry, sugar


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