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Monday, May 17, 2010 00:00

The One

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Looking for “The One” can be an exhausting journey. There are so many options out there, some seem to be perfect at first and then at closer inspection there are little things that just don’t fit your criteria. After searching and searching you consider choosing something that’s good enough even if you don’t have that tingly-all-over feeling. Then, when you least expect it, you find it. It’s perfect, every bead, the silhouette, the way the tulle, silk or satin wrap just how you always imagined...and you thought the man was hard to find!

Let’s not be silly ladies, we search tirelessly for the perfect party dress so it’s no surprise that looking for the perfect wedding dress can be just as difficult. But, dress shopping for the biggest party you’ll ever throw can reach a new level of frustration. I’m going to hand down a few lessons I learned along the way. Keep these things in mind so you don’t lose yours during a Bridezilla moment surrounded by taffeta, tulle and unsuspecting bridal salon employees.

Find your silhouette. By doing your homework on what style of dress you are looking for you can narrow down your search and limit the chance of getting overwhelmed.  A classic A-line looks great on most body types, but if you are petite steer clear of drop waist - it will make you look chopped off at the knees. Knowing what looks good with your figure is half the battle!

Define your details. What are your must haves? Let your bridal consultant know right away if you are looking for beads, lace or pick-ups. But don’t be so stubborn that you aren’t willing to take chances on trying some details that you thought you might not like. If you have tried it and you’re certain, then stand your ground! Don’t forget, you have to feel your best in order to shine.

Take a break. This is probably the most important ingredient. Although a marathon weekend of trying on dresses might sound productive, it rarely is. You’ll get to a point where everything blends together, all the opinions are swarming in your head and thinking straight is no longer possible. Know when to call a time out. You might even want to revisit a dress solo and leave the bridesmaids at home. Don’t try to make a decision if you are feeling flustered.

Take your time making a decision. Know when to stick to your guns and when to think about it. You’ll be thankful in the end. Hopefully, these sanity saving tips will help you get through this process as pain free as possible. It’s totally worth it to stand there in the gown that makes you feel just as giddy as your future husband does.

The One


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