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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 10:04

The Cake

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Right after the ring the bride-to-be and the mother dry the tears of happiness have dried up for the moment they run to the top two vendors; the dress shop and the bakery. They are in search of the perfect gown; the perfect gown will eventually be complimented by the perfect cake. You see the dress and the cake go hand in hand. The cake will be decided by the style of the dress and the personality of the bride. The two will reflect the flair and tone of the wedding. Will it be formal, relaxed, traditional or just fun and contemporary?

Just as everything else during the preparation, the cake will change a little. Sometimes the venue calls for a larger cake or maybe the mother and daughter just want the cake to be big and stand out along with the girl with the never-ending smile and the big white dress in the room.

Don’t forget you can have the opportunity to show your playfulness and personality during some of the other festivities that come before the big event. You can have a cake for the engagement party, a shower or showers, a tea or a nice old fashioned “tea and see” party.

No cake? No party.