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Tuesday, August 09, 2011 20:08


Written by Chenoa Chenoa
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So yes, I caved to the trend! I’m talking about the feather extension. I mean what more free peace sign worthy and hippie chic than a feather in your hair? And when I say extension, I mean clamped in not clipped on, attached (semi) permanently, extension. So here’s the low down on the pros.

I had them put in at A New Image Spa and Salon off Conroy-Windermere Road. and these feathers are the good stuff. They are clamped on to the root of your hair, you can wash them, straighten them, curl them…you name it. I strategically placed mine under a few a few layers of hair so that when needed they could be easily hidden, or I can braid back my hair and show them off loud and proud. I’ve had them in for 3 weeks, and they still look brand new!

Things I didn’t think about before putting them in. I probably should have gotten my hair cut PRIOR to attaching them to my grown out locks, sigh. Second mistake, I didn’t quite pick out the right color combo for my locks. Granted, I vaguely (cough cough) remember someone trying to tell me to choose another color, possibly, maybe. Did I listen? Of course not! Fashionista fail. Tip number one when trying new trends, listen to the experts or at least to the people who “install” the good on a regular basis. It’s possible they know a thing or two or a million. Needless to say, the colors I did choose may or may not blend enough with my hair for some people to be confused instead of awed by my new accessories.

Lesson learned! So, I’m getting my hair prettied up and retrying a better color combo and will provide pics in real life as soon as I’ve gotten myself straightened out, ahem. But for now, check out these awesome celebrities who have the look down perfectly.

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