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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 00:00

New York Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Amex Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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Here I lay,
Sick in bed.
While visions of Fashion Week
Dance in my head.

Perhaps it is five days worth of medication coursing through my veins that are allowing me to believe that breaking out into fashion verse is socially acceptable. Or, perhaps my illness is actually jealousy of missing New York Fashion Week corroding my body, not a simple upper respiratory infection, one may never know. Fact however, spending five days in health limbo affords me 5 wonderful opportunities.


  1. Full immersion in the language of Tweets: Oh yes, the beauty of being away from the full time job, I have the freedom to check Twitter at will. I can read every wonderful Tweet from the front row, middle row and backstage attendees that I unapologetically am jealous of and whom I follow regularly.
  2. Ample opportunity to delve into literature: Current choice InStyle, Vogue, W Magazine...are we seeing a trend?! In essence I’m swaddling myself in fashion.
  3. Sex and the City: Nothing makes you feel more a part of NYC fashion and life like a little indulgence with the SATC girls. It just makes me so nostalgic and inspires a need for self style exploration. I’m a Charlotte with a little bit of a Carrie side, more of a wannabe really.
  4. Surfing the web: Taking my Twittering to a whole new level, I love following the blogs attached to some of my fave Twitter personalities. I’ve been a addict for at least 4 years. I can’t remember how I even came across it. But my love affair is still in full swing.
  5. All of the above = Fall closet revamp. Ok, so I missed the Spring cleaning bug but then again I’m late to everything else, so it does seem fitting in a way! Bring it on Fall...I gotchu!

New York Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Amex Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I feel my Ode to New York Fashion Week is well inspired considering the circumstances and my present state of mind. That being said I’ll return to my nest o’fashion, tissues and antibiotics and doze back off to my couture-laced medicated sleep.