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Monday, June 07, 2010 00:00


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Oh the girls have returned and we are sitting back to catch sight of their new adventures of the heart and soul. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda touch us like life-long friends. So when they appear on the screen we feel elated to see them while in the background we can hear that familiar theme song of Sex and the City. We know that somewhere along during this movie we will see a little bit of ourselves in their stories. If we have not lived that story line then we are secretly wishing we had. That is why so many women waited with bated breath for the opening of the Sex and the City 2 movie.

Once all those points of familiarity have settled in our brains we start searching for all the great fashions the SATC girls will be treating us to. And boy is there an ongoing fashion show from the get go. Ahh,  the glorious colors of the season were prevalent throughout the movie. Oh yes, the bright blues, the magentas and lilacs where clearly present in all the fashions. At the beginning as they walk along the New York City side walks we can admire the cerulean dress worn by Samantha which gives a punch of color to the screen. The plain white dress worn by Carrie is a clean back drop for her statement accessories. How about Charlotte in that glorious Jackie Kennedy-like fuchsia suit? There is such great contrast between Miranda’s scarlet tresses against her golden mustard yellow dress. Even the food reflects the beautiful summer color ranges from soft pale pink to strong pinks and reds. This is evident in the cup cake scene.

As the ladies travel to Abu Dhabi you can admire the back drop of the Arabian Desert sand’s deep saffron color. A color that just mesmerizes you while the girls ride the camels wearing a kaleidoscope of colors in their garments. Now ladies let’s look at our closet to make sure we have the right palette for our summer garb. If not it is time to start today!

Sex And The City