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Friday, March 04, 2011 00:00

Gossip Girl, Van Der Woodson, Chanel, Carrie Bradshaw

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I enjoy the fact that I can boldly and proudly admit to being a Gossip Girl junkie in present company, as I’m sure many more of the MSC readers share in this sentiment than those who have ridiculed such proclamations in the real world. I also have to acquiesce that GG has helped me survive my agony of losing my weekly Sex and the City fix.

I can’t help but perk up when I see any mention of either franchise on my daily Google hunt. So, you can imagine my bliss as I saw article after article popping up with both GG and SATC in the keywords.

The latest buzz is surrounding Blake Lively and her possible ascension to the SATC throne as the young Carrie Bradshaw! And this is where my SATC+GG balloon o’bliss burst into glittery rubbery confetti. Don’t get me wrong, Serena is fabulous. Blake is stunning and undoubtedly a staple in the fashion world. Respectfully, I believe she could handle, no problem, the Carrie-esque fashion style. However!!! I’m not sold on the fact that she could pull off BEING Carrie Bradshaw.

I mean honestly, are we Bradshaw devotees supposed to believe that Carrie shrank two feet post her flirty thirty bash? The news is being mentioned on sites from LA Times to with most articles ending in an “unconfirmed at this time” or “denies her publicist” statement. Personally, I’m still on the fence on the rumored choice but the thought of Lively in micro-minis and vintage Candies does make me curious about seeing her in the role. What are your thoughts?

Gossip Girl, Van Der Woodson, Chanel, Carrie Bradshaw


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