Galliano Gets the Boot Print
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 00:00

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Apparently John Galliano wanted to make sure the fashion industry reached their yearly quota of drama for 2011 early in the year. After a tumultuous week filled with anti-Semitic allegations against John Galliano, Dior finally made the announcement at the beginning of Paris’ fashion week they are cutting ties with the famed creative director. Reports hit the news of several allegations of verbal insults by patrons of La Perle, a trendy Parisian café, even before the viral video ended up to be, no doubt, the rhinestone nail in Galliano’s Dior monogrammed coffin.

The video released by London’s newspaper The Sun showed an arguably intoxicated Galliano spewing hateful anti-Semitic comments and, according to MSNBC, even shows him saying “I Love Hitler”. The MSNBC article goes on to say Dior CEO Sidney Toledano and Natalie Portman, who is the new representative for the Miss Dior Cherie perfume line, were both deeply hurt by the comments as both are of Jewish heritage.

Dior is said to continue to support the John Galliano clothing line for now, although the future of the name sake line is uncertain. Galliano, known for his design prowess, bad boy image and flamboyant personality, may have topped his own legacy with this stunt. No official announcement has been made; however, according to The Daily Mail Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci may have already been tapped to take over the coveted spot. We’ll have to keep our eye on headlines to find out the ultimate verdict on Galliano’s successor.


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