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Friday, November 16, 2012 18:04
Written by Patricia Elizabeth

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Here in Florida we might say we feel robbed of the opportunity to wear coats. However, ladies you know we have days when the temperature drops down to the point where your sweater is just not enough. So why not go out and splurge on a classic coat of the highest quality as it will last you for a lifetime?

Maybe you are thinking, really? The same coat year after year? Maybe you’re the type of gal who will be happy with the same coat for just a couple of seasons. Then go ahead and invest in a classic coat that will spruce up your other winter clothes. Pick a coat that will make a statement or maybe a coat that will be timeless. Either way take a look a some of the coats that are out there and get inspired.

Thakoon Princess Coat

This coat is made of wool blend in a soft camel wool. It is a classic design that can be paired nicely with anything in your closet. You can change it up by adding a silk scarf or a plaid scarf. If you want to wear in it in the evening you can ad a beautiful statement piece broach or a flower. It is a versatile coat. You can find this beauty at

We gals here in Florida may not see snow but we do love the seasonal fashions.


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