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Monday, September 27, 2010 00:00

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Although I wouldn’t normally consider myself a Gap girl, I can’t help but get drawn in by the new “Black Magic” pants campaign and the alluring taunt of “do you believe in magic?” print ads. Of course I believe in Magic, this is Orlando...we get asked that all the time! One ad in particular features fashion model Catherine McNeil, a sultry brunette, in skinny black pants, pointy toe pumps, a studded skinny belt topped off with a white blouse and black blazer.  It got me thinking, can rocker chic go corporate?

In the daytime I dabble in corporate America, with a company whose dress policy of “business professional” can be quite stifling. At night, and weekends, I get to let loose my inner fashionista - she’s like my alter ego, my super hero. Normally, I express my fashionable side through my footwear but maybe I’m missing the bigger picture. I work in an industry that is historically male dominated. What makes the corporate scene desirable? The power, the money and considering it was once male dominated, perhaps, even competing with the big boys? Some of the same details make the rocker look work well in women’s clothing. It’s edgy, hard and dare I say, masculine. The chic is adding in the frill, the shine, the feminine.

With that train of thought the sleek lines of the skinny pant, the sharp point of the pump and the studs on the belt give us our rock but the serious black and white palate, the black blazer and ruffle collar blouse keep it corporate. It’s the new Annie Hall, an updated menswear that’s less androgynous, sleeker.  After all, Annie Hall’s character was an example of a generation of women new to the corporate world. Now we are established, feminity can be our power.

Isn’t it time we got rid of the boxy boring “power suit”. Let’s face it, it’s made for MAN not for the curves of a women. Half the time it makes us look mousy and drab, which is less power and more blah. My fall back is normally the softer cardigan which, while comfortable, doesn’t always cut it in the attitude department. I look forward to experimenting with new Fall finds. Unfortunately, according to Gap.com some sized are back ordered till October. I’m not sure I can wait that long for my attempts at a fashion power trip!



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