Wednesday, July 03, 2013 22:18
Written by Patricia Patricia
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Pop ups

We first heard this concept of “pop up business” when food trucks started coming into cities around the country. It was a fascinating new idea which has allowed us to sample and try many foods we might not have taken the time to visit.

Now there is a new trend in the horizon. Pop-up stores. At the helm of this movement is none other than Isaac Mizrahi. He has started by introducing this concept in South Hampton. This is a store, which will have various fashion departments like apparel, accessories, bathing suits, shoes specifically geared for the summer. This concept will allow the consumers to view all the collections giving the buyers a variety of goods to choose from. What does that mean to the designer? The ability to cross sell their collection. This type of shopping is strategic marketing for the stores and for the consumers.

Hope to see some popping up here in Orlando soon.

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