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Tuesday, December 04, 2012 21:34

Chicken Chips

Pet Health Food

Written by Patricia Elizabeth

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Our little pooches love to have their snacks. However they also need their snacks between meals to keep their blood sugar in balance. I bet you thought only you got those 3 o’clock munchies. Not at all it is just the body telling you time to fuel up. Well our little Chias and all Furbabies also need that mid morning, mid-day snack or just a “job well done” treat. We found it right here in the Maitland area at Hounds and Kitties at144 Lave Avenue in Maitland, Florida.

Hounds & Kitties is a true health food store for your furry friends. Owners, Bridget and Petal, carry a variety of whole and organic, additive free, filler free foods for your Furbabies. Gigi and Lola love going to visit their new market and friends at Hounds & Kitties as they get to sample some of the products. This week we purchased Chicken Doggie Chips. These are round crisp little chips made up of USDA boneless white chicken breast. These delectable little morsels are slowly dehydrated therefore capturing all the nutrients and enzymes the kids need. Any excess visible fat is first removed so you don’t have worry about expanding waistlines or empty calories.

Hounds & Kitties has a plethora of resources to help keep you friends healthy and to help your senior Furbabies.

Check out Gigi & Lola’s blog for more information on other great finds from Hounds & Kitties and other places around town at http://adventuresofgigilola.blogspot.com/

See you soon,


The Chias

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