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Wednesday, August 04, 2010 00:00


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Gigi and Lola are the resident Furbabies here at MyStyleConcierge. These two “womb-mates” are Long-haired Chihuahua sisters who are less than 4 pounds a piece but have enough attitude in their tiny paws to hold their own.

They can’t wait to share their recommendations on apparel, pet friendly locations and of course accessories. These two will give insight to keep our readers’ four legged friends “in the know” from head to toe paw.

Gigi is the “big” sister weighing in at a whopping four pounds. She is perky and forever ready to hop in her bag and head down to Park Ave. She is ALWAYS ready to hit the town. Just reach for your purse and she’ll chase you down to jump in! She likes to be around the hustle and bustle whenever she can. She loves wearing her jeweled collar and wearing her sweaters in the winter.

Lola is a tiny little thing at 3.5 pounds who has been known to have a bossy streak. She is fearless and spunky but really loves to just snuggle and be comfy. She could probably be categorized as the “sporty” sister. She loves her jeweled T-shirts and hanging by the pool with her floaty.

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