Week 26 = I Had A Freckle Where?, Brains and Breathing and My Ribs Are Not A Toy Print
Monday, January 24, 2011 00:00

Week 26

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Week 26 - Is that MY belly button...gross. Working on brain function and lungs here and please remove your foot/hand/whatever from my rib cage.

The de-evolution of the Belly Button
I never had nice legs or arms. Not even a nice rear end but my stomach was always flat. It always had some kind of muscle tone and was my best feature capped off by this cute belly button. Well, the stomach is now far from flat and the belly button is not even close to "Cute". As a matter of fact, it has stretched out to a non-existent weird colored spot on my belly. There was actually a freckle in there I didn’t know existed until the other day. Now, it’s prominently displayed on my belly. Bad news…the sucker will keep growing and spreading until it pops out like a turkey timer. Good news is it goes back. Looking at my tummy right now, I don’t believe it, but moms old and young have showed me you will get back that belly button. Till then, it is fun to freak out my hubby with it. Let’s just say, the skin is dry in there and since this is its first exposure to the outside world it’s gross looking.

Brains, Brains…Oh and Breathing
You’re really forming the most important thing ever from here on out and that’s the babies brain and lungs. What you need to boost during this time are DHA and Omega 3s. These are SUPPLEMENTS meaning that you aren’t going to find them in food or through outside sources. You need to buy a pill. I recommend Nordic Naturals, but some pre-natals come with a DHA or Omega 3 pill. Either way, find it and take them so homework time in 5 years is easier.

Move or Suffer the Consequences
My daughter is a mover and a shaker. This girl is up boogying with me all day, and she can take up all the space in my abdomen. Now, she has been really low and mainly just used my bladder as a bouncy ball until recently when she discovered my ribs. I tried to explain to her that they were not a toy, and she needed to move back down, but every once in a while a foot or hand or something makes its way under there, and it is not comfortable. If she kicks it up, that can be painful. What to do...MOVE THE BABY. Look, you WILL NOT hurt the fetus. It is in a bag of water, and it’s not like I’m saying use a crowbar. Take your hands and find the edge of whatever body part it is and push it back down. They will move, and you will have disciplined your child for the first time in a weird way. Plus, there is a little satisfaction that you still have some control of what’s going on in your body.

Week 27 - welcome to the 3rd Trimester!!!! The final stretch (no pun intended). Wrapping up the second trimester I can honestly say I won’t miss you at all. Until next week you know what I know.


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