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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 00:00

Week 26

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We have arrived!  We move in safe and sound on Saturday.  I have been a crazy, unpacking fool all week and still have a ways to go.  The house is gorgeous and neighbors are wonderful.   We have been brought pies, cookies, and strawberry shortcake.  Do you think they noticed my belly? Hahaha.

I have found the nearest mall (Thank you GOD!) and Target, Fresh Market (no Whole Foods here – boooo), and Redbox.  We have been surviving off of Redbox every night since the move.  Our DirecTV man should be showing up tomorrow morning between 8-12pm.  (I love the 4 hour window by the way.)  On that note, our wireless internet is not up and running either.  We have literally been technology-free for a WEEK...a WHOLE WEEK.  I’m about to go crazy.  We are pretty "natural" people in our beliefs, but no Glee? No Grey’s Anatomy? No Modern Family?  Seriously???  It has been quite a long week.  However, I am back in the habit of reading before bed now.  I am a HUGE reader and had fallen out of the habit during the craziness of our move.

I forget that I am pregnant most of the time and try to do too much.  I have been lifting, unpacking, organizing, and going way too hard for way too many hours a day.  I wonder why my back aches.  Other than that though, I feel AWESOME!  This baby is moving away like crazy.  I think he (Yes I really think HE – I am so sorry little girl, if you are a girl in there), loves it at this house!  We still need to bring up a few things from a storage unit in Jacksonville.  The arms reach co-sleeper that attaches to our bed, the baby swing, etc...But we still have time.

I did meet with a home birthing midwife here in Savannah on Monday.  John was at work so my mom came with me.  She was a Labor/Delivery Nurse for years before specializing in breastfeeding and such.  I LOVED the midwife!! Our home birth plan is a GO!  I cannot believe that I am going to birth this baby in this house.  They bring a huge birthing tub at 36 weeks that will be set up and ready for “action” at a moment’s notice.  That made me start to feel nervous though.  I mean I’m just about 26 weeks along now – that means that in TEN weeks, the birth tub will be here.  I really think this kid will hang out until the very end, but it’s still scary to think that so soon, it could happen.

No news on baby names or nursery decorating yet.  With Scarlett, we were all over that.  We will be ordering the crib here this month sometime, and from there things will fall into place.  Baby sleeps with us anyway.  (But decorating a super cute nursery is way too much fun to pass up!)  I did start pulling out gender neutral pj’s and onesies from Scarlett’s birth to wash and fold.  It brought back so many memories.  I cannot remember her being so small!  I did shed a tear or two, but stopped as I was greeted with a huge hug from behind from my toddler.  She then wanted to use the clothes I was folding on her baby dolls.

I cannot wait to be fully settled and start making mommy friends here. I just joined an attachment parenting group this morning and should receive a calendar of events here soon.  We’ll also be heading to the pool starting this afternoon, in hopes of meeting other mommies at home!  I’ll keep you all updated!!


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