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Where are the days going?  How is it already June of 2011? Hurricane season is starting, the heat is in full swing with only one temperature setting: HOT.  The grill is being used every weekend, providing us leftovers to be eaten throughout the week.  Bike rides and pool time is part of our everyday ritual at this point!

So far this summer, I have had two catastrophes.  I am waiting on the third to appear any day.  Last Saturday, I knocked my amazing Sony a330 D-SLR camera from a wall at the park.  It seemed to be fine immediately afterward, but by the next day, the zoom was off and wouldn’t focus correctly.  Because it wouldn’t focus, it wouldn’t take pictures.  So that had to be sent in for repairs.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday afternoon, Scarlett and I were at the pool and somehow one of the small side diamonds from my engagement ring was lost.  It looks as though the little bracket holding the diamond is what chipped and the diamond fell out.  It makes me sick to my stomach!  My engagement ring is made up of one large stone, 6 small/medium stones (one of these is lost), and 50 something little “chips” around the band.  Of course, it wasn’t a “chip” I could have lost….. ugggggggggggh. I’m bringing it in to be fixed next week.  I don’t know what else could be broken at this point, but I don’t want to find out.



Of course these things all cost money.  And our money tree that we have growing in the backyard has yet to produce anything significant.  So this forced us to really go over our budget.  We had a list of things we would have like to add to our life this fall, and after completely doing the budget, there’s no way those things can fit in!  We wanted to put Scarlett into a little two-year preschool two days a week for three hours.  That would be just enough time for her to spend away from the baby to not be over the whole baby-thing.  I even went and toured the school (and LOVED it!).  We thought we could swing it, but there’s just no way.  After $150 registration fee, $155 supply fee, and $160 a month, there’s NO WAY we can squeeze that into our too tight budget.  Gas prices are soaring, food prices are rising along with gas prices, and we have to pay for this birth.  So pre-school is out for this year!  Not that two-year-old pre-school is that big of a deal… I am teaching her at home, and we do play dates often.  I was just hoping for her to have some time away from baby and myself where she could enjoy other people.  Oh well!

The pre-school situation has forced me to look into new ways to introduce education at home.  I am really enjoying the Montessori activities.  We have started introducing one or two little “games” this week.  Scarlett strung beads on pipe cleaners to make a bracelet, practicing small detailed hand-eye coordination.  We also set up two large laundry baskets across from one another where she had to run and get a ball from one and run to the other and throw it in.  It starts simple and then I add in adjectives such as “Grab the green ball” or “Get the BIG ball!”  She LOVED this activity!  We are going to start doing patterns and shapes and numbers with paint next week!

Another fun activity ran through our house this week!  The CSA we are using this month dropped off our box of fruit and veggies on Tuesday.  This box contained foods I had never heard of!  I am so glad the CSA provides a recipe each week!  I made an amazing dinner of spicy shrimp, pineapple, and buk choy stir-fry!  Even Scarlett licked her plate clean!  I cooked with ginger root, buk choy, and other things I would have walked right by in the grocery store!  Our palates are expanding because of the CSA and we love it.

On to the baby (and the belly!) –

I had my 29 week meeting with the midwife.  I weighed in at 126.5 (13.5 lbs gained so far).  Belly is measuring exactly right at 29 weeks, fluids are great, baby is head down, heartbeat is strong at 140, and this kid is ACTIVE!  John came to the meeting so he could introduce himself and get a feel for the home-birthing midwife.  He asked his questions and tried to bargain down the price, which didn’t happen of course.  We did find out though that one of the two midwives (the one that I would prefer to deliver baby) will be in England from July –August 3rd.  That’s right, just 11 days before baby is due, she’ll arrive back in the states!  How insane is that?  I’m praying that this baby waits for her!

We were talking food at the meeting, and I told them how amazing red meat tastes right now.  That and lemonade!  I’m not a huge red meat person, so it’s a little off for me, but I’ve been going with it on occasion.  I guess I need to add an iron supplement to my pre-natals, omega 3’s, folic acid, and vitamin C I take daily.  The midwives told John to make me red meat.  He just grinned from ear to ear.  I never stock the house with red meat, so he will be in heaven on the grill for the rest of summer!

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