Wednesday, July 17, 2013 09:26
Written by Patricia Elizabeth

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Honey for Blotches

What does one do when your face is blotchy, blemish riddled and you have to put make up on? As we know if you put make-up on a blemish it could get infected then that little blemish will turn into a volcano. Oye!!!

Here is a tip, wash you face with a gentle cleanser, use a toner and once your face is nice and dry walk to your pantry. Yes, your pantry ladies and gents. Reach in and get yourself some honey and dap some honey right on your blemishes.

Honey has some very well known healing properties. We don’t have to go way back to ancient time lets remember our moms or grand parents giving you some honey when your throat was sore. Why?? Let me tell you Honey has some anti-inflammatory properties along with analgesic properties, which combined calm and kill the blemish-causing bacteria. Now you will have a calmer skin and look just beautiful.

Wait till later and I have some other tips that are natural and kind to your skin.


Ciao for now


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