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Monday, August 23, 2010 00:00

Jeep Stroller, Baby things, Babies R Us

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My best high school friend, Trisha, just had her baby shower. I hadn’t been to one in a little while and this was the first one post-wedding vows. So, needless to say, I do have “babies on the brain” lately. She received the Jeep Overland Sport Jogging Stroller and I was pleasantly surprised with how cool this was. My husband who amazingly drove me across numerous state lines, Washington DC traffic and then waited in the car till I was done Oohing! and Aahing! over baby things actually got to see this gift and even he was pretty impressed by the design and features.

Some of the things that made me say “Ooh” were the iPod docking station for tunes-on-the-go for a brisk baby run and the ease of collapsibility (stroller, not Momma). It does require both hands to open and close, and, as I am currently sans children, I’m not sure how much of a deterrent that is for the mommy world.

Jeep Stroller, Baby things, Babies R Us

Things that made me say “Aah” were the sporty and tough (looking) design. This thing is no-joke-we-mean-business sturdy and it had a bike break on the handle! A bike break! So, when you’re careening going down those hills, you can control the speed of decent. Genius! I need that for my dog. Check it out at Babies R Us for more details.


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