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Thursday, October 07, 2010 00:00

Moody Mamas, Fierce Mamas, Christian Siriano, Maternity clothes, fashion

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So I’m definitely not a member of the Mommy-to-be club yet. But it seems like the preggo bumps are popping like popcorn everywhere I look. Maybe I’m alone in this one, but one of the first pre-pregnancy questions that pops into my head is what the heck am I going to look like pregnant and do I have to wear those tent like maternity clothes? Well the answer is, oh HECK no! Not if Marta and Elise from Moody Mamas have a say in the matter. Can I get an “Amen” sisters?

I stumbled across the Moody Mamas in the land of Twitter, and I must say the picture of them in their Twitter profile picture totally drew me in. Not only do they look like they are having an absolute blast but I totally want to join in on the hysterical conversation they’re so clearly in the middle of. So my cyber stalker tendencies drew me to their website and just like that, in love. No seriously, I Marta and Elise. Searching through their designer duds I felt the sunshine come out and a bright ray totally lightened up the dismal image of pregnancy days I had in my head. The obvious at this point was these ladies know fashion, therefore, I needed to know more about these ladies.

So, I meandered to their Meet the Moody Mamas section and really got a feel for who they are. There is no denying their maternity threads are fashion forward but to find out that these two had never even been pregnant when Moody Mamas was created is mind blowing. Marta and Elise saw that maternity wear was in desperate need of some fashion TLC and they dove in to research all things maternity. The website boasts they were looking to take “the frump out of the bump” (they are so witty!) and to do this they interviewed moms, moms-to-be, Drs. and even went to pre-natal yoga and Lamaze classes. That’s dedication any one can respect.

These amazing ladies have even teamed up with Christian Siriano to launch a collection called Fierce Mamas. Ok now, where are all my Project Runway junkies? You know that collection is on fire with Siriano at the helm. Needless to say, I’m resting a little easier at night knowing if I need to sport a baby bump in the future, I can hang on to my fashion dignity. Now go check out their site at

Moody Mamas, Fierce Mamas, Christian Siriano, Maternity clothes, fashion
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