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Monday, April 11, 2011 00:00

Week 21

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As I sit here typing, my thoughts can’t manage to drift away from my beautiful baby girl sleeping upstairs right now.  I have these moments of complete sadness that she will have to share me with a baby brother or sister in the next 20 weeks or so.  Scarlett loves to hug me, cuddle, sit on my lap, and even help me with my make-up.  Her world is going to change when she realizes that “Mommy’s World” can’t revolve around just her anymore.

Last night, we were eating dinner in front of the TV.  (Yes, we do this often, even though I swore we would be a sit-at-the-table family when kids were born. Oh well.)  Scarlett was just in a MOOD to say the least!  She had to sit on me.  There was nowhere else she was happy, but yet, I have to eat too, right? Wrong.  John then asked what our game plan was going to be when the new baby arrives.  I just started crying.  I didn’t want Scarlett to get off my lap.  I suddenly realized that I loved these ridiculously whiny little moments.  I know that she will soon be a “big girl” and not want to sit anywhere near me.  Then I thought about holding new baby, trying to shovel food in my mouth, all while Scarlett is crying next to me because she wants to be held.  Of course John will help, but something about being a mom means that you are the one who is wanted 99.9999% of the time.

I’m watching Scarlett on the monitor right now as she is slowly waking up from her three hour nap.  (These are not normal, so don’t hate me.)  She is so precious. I cannot believe that she is mine.  And here I am now, almost 21 weeks pregnant with another blessing.  It just takes my breath away.

We visited our midwives on Monday morning for our 20 week check.  “Baby Mac” is healthy and growing.  We did get to see him/her on the ultrasound, which is always fun.  Let me tell you, it is so very very very hard not to find out the gender at that ultrasound.  I loved the technician’s response of shock when we asked her not to reveal the sex.  We had to look away from the screen numerous times throughout the appointment because “Baby Mac” wanted to “show the goods” from every angle as the technician said.  That completely makes me think this baby is a boy, which I have been thinking since day one.  As we left the office with a CD full of pictures, we realized that all three of us (Scarlett, John, and I) had all worn aqua shirts.  I’m throwing that in as a sign too!  I was kind of hoping for a little girl again just because that is what I am familiar with, it is what I know.  Not to mention that we will never have another August baby, so Scarlett’s clothes would have been able to be reused.  However, a little boy would be amazing too.  I am a little scared of dealing with a penis though.

On to the topic of the baby penis: IF IF IF this baby is a boy, I am not on board for a circumcision.  (Insert chin dropping here.)  If you have read my introduction to this blog, then you know that I am a pretty “Crunchy” mama.   I never really planned on becoming this way, but once I started researching natural birthing, one link led to another and I was cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding,  baby wearing, exclusively rear facing, skipping baby food, attachment parenting.  Well, of course in that research, I discovered the truth(s) about circumcisions.  This is not to start a debate and I will not go into the details, I will just urge all other mamas to READ about the process, the benefits (none – except looking like daddy – but heck! Why not get a tattoo too?)  and the cons.  However, I am in this “thing” called a marriage.  This presents a HUGE hurtle here.  John never even considered not circumcising.  He has this issue with me when I come to him with my mind already made up about things.  I know it’s something I shouldn’t do, but I can’t help it. I like to research and know what I’m talking about before entering into a conversation, and if I happen to form my opinion during this research, is that wrong?  NO.  John is just as crunchy as I am, well almost.  His only argument is the “looking like me” feeling he is having.  He is starting to research and learn about the dangers and unnecessary aspects of the procedure though, and I’m hoping he will change his mind.  If he does not, I don’t know what to do.  I have to support his decision in this, but it’ll go against what I am feeling.  (This was the other reason I wanted another girl.)  We have time though, and I will come to peace with whatever decision is made by both of us.  I hope.

The belly is growing fast.  I’m still teaching bootcamp classes and working out regularly, but I gained 6lbs in 5 weeks between my last appointments!  I could not believe it!  I should probably put away the m&m’s.  Next appointment is at 24 weeks and I have the glucose screening.  I will definitely put away the chocolate before then!

Life is at a standstill until we get the official moving word from John’s company. We thought we’d be sent to Savannah at the end of this month, but there’s a chance now that it’ll be the end of May instead.  I would just like a definite date and the ok to start house hunting please. Doesn’t his boss know that I need to nest? Seriously.

On a completely different note, I have successfully sewn my own cloth diapers!  I am obsessed with purchasing these and John will kill me if our Paypal has another outward charge.  So I decided to take it into my own hands!  I’m adding a few pictures for you to see.  The plan is to add them to my website and sell them here in the next week or so.  ( – check it out)  I am mailing out a bunch of testers this week for feedback. They are working great on Scarlett, not to mention how cute they are!

Ok, I should go get my baby girl and start working on dinner (yumm...veggie sauté over rice).  Until next week...


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