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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 00:00

Week 30

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Week 30 - This isn’t normally how I am, the new tooth brushing experience and No I’m not moonlighting as a wrestler.

Blame it on the hormones
Mood Swings seem to be at an all time high for me and I have been pointing the finger at the hormones when I should be pointing it at me. It turns out THIS set of mood swings is more about being uncomfortable, tired, and just plain over it. Now you do have a surge of hormones going up and down right now, but that’s not what is causing the sleepless nights and praying mantas behavior...The lesson I learned is to try and recognize when I am being a little hard to handle (I can typically tell by this mortified look my poor hubby gets) and breath thru it. Take a little time for you. Go for a walk or just sit outside and enjoy the piece and quiet because something tells me it will be a long time before I get anymore of that...

Your bloody good morning
Brushing your teeth may be getting a little bloodier, it’s normal and due to all the swelling...you’re so swollen your gums are even puffier than normal and causing the grossness. You can buy a softer bristle toothbrush and if it’s painful use Sensodine, but this is also a cue for you to be brushing and flossing at least 2 times a day. I tried to make an appointment with a dentist and couldn’t get one; when I asked my midwife why, she said they are scared to work on pregnant women and she gave me a note saying it was OK for me to go to the dentist but she also assured me that it would go away. Basically, sadly, there’s not much you can do about it but be comforted by the fact that it will go away after delivery.

If bruises could talk...
If all these purple bruises on my body could say anything they would say “please watch where you are going already Lady!” I have become super-klutz...it’s not my fault either...see as we get even bigger in these next few weeks our equilibrium is even more thrown off. The fetus is going to gain a ½ pound per week from here on out and your body can’t adjust that quickly. So now you’re a wide load that needs an adjustment so to speak.  All you can do is try and watch your step (and that’s nearly impossible since you can’t see your feet) and don’t go near any hazardous areas.

Week 31 - I am trying to refrain from counting down at this point, but I am so close, SO CLOSE, to seeing her...Lord knows what new things she will have for me next week, but for now, you know what I know.


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