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Wednesday, April 20, 2011 00:00

Week 22

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I felt adventurous this morning and prepared a gourmet breakfast of egg and ham sandwiches for Scarlett and myself.  Scarlett loves to watch me cook, and when she was served her eggs, she took them over to her play kitchen and proceeded to “cook” them on her stove top.  I should have taken pictures!  She was so proud of herself!  Now that breakfast is over, I’m looking at all the fun things I get to clean: my kitchen, Scarlett’s kitchen, the floor, the chair, etc.  Oh the joys of mommyhood!

The rest of my house is a disaster as well.  I don’t know how it gets like this!  I sweep daily and try to clean up every morning and evening, but somehow the house looks as though a tornado has hit it each day.  Because of my sewing business, I have fabrics and mailing envelopes everywhere!! It all was stored in the guestroom, but I moved it all into the living room for convenience purposes.  I can actually sew for 4-5 hours a day if my sewing machine is downstairs.  That makes for a cluttered house though. I need to get better with it, but I know that we are moving over the next few months so I don’t want to spend money on anything storage-wise until I see that house we are moving in to.  I’m hoping to have a designated area to sew in the next house!

Our time in Charleston is slowly coming to an end.  John’s job is basically done, and we are just waiting to hear a moving date.  We know Savannah is the next stop, but we don’t know when.  I’m hoping it is sooner rather than later.  I’d really like to organize and nest here soon.  Maybe even order the baby furniture? :)  I did order the bedding and such, I just couldn’t wait!  And by using the March Amazon coupon codes, I scored over $500 worth of baby/toddler/maternity goodies for under $400!  So John is not complaining.  Now that I have a few things, it really makes me want to get more!  But, not knowing the room color, size, if it will be a shared guest room or just a nursery, makes everything impossible right now.  I would LOVE to start house hunting, but we can’t until we have a definite move date from his company.

Speaking of baby, I keep forgetting that I am actually pregnant!  I teach boot camp classes once a week and am still performing each exercise as if I were not pregnant!  There is nothing wrong with that, as it is perfectly safe to work out while pregnant as long as you listen to your body.  Last night’s class though, I started feeling “heavy” and slow!  I’m only 21 ½ weeks along!  I was running miles a day when pregnant with Scarlett until 25 weeks.  I guess I’m just bigger this time around.  I can still do almost everything, but I’m feeling it!  It takes extra effort at this point.  I’d like to keep teaching throughout my entire pregnancy again.  Once we move, I’ll start advertising my pre-natal boot camp and mommy-n-me classes.  (Those are my favorite!)

Baby is growing and moving like crazy!  He (I say “he” because my mommy-gut says that this is a BOY.  We won’t know for another 5 months, but still, my gut says boy!) loves to roll over my bladder, sending me running to pee.  I can feel kicks from the outside now, nothing intense, but definite kicks.  John has felt baby a few times too!  Everything is just happening so fast this time around.  People on the street can tell that I am pregnant!  I love when it becomes noticeable!  With Scarlett, at 24-25 weeks a woman at the grocery store noticed my “tiny belly” and said, “Awww, you are glowing.  You must just be out of your first trimester!”  It was almost sad.  I was almost out of the third trimester at that point!  I enjoy people knowing that I am pregnant and not looking like I just drank a six pack. :)

Scarlett and I are on mission “Clean the House” today.  Let’s see how much “help” she really is!  My money is on little to none, but she does make the day more fun!


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