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Monday, April 25, 2011 00:00

Week 23

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The news is here! The news is here!  We finally received the phone call that we have been waiting for about our next relocation!  We are heading to Savannah, 2 weeks.  Yes, that’s right – TWO WEEKS.  We will be moving May 1st, into what house, we haven’t a clue!  But at least we have a destination now.  I was sick to my stomach for the past week knowing that we were moving but not knowing where.  Now it is “Go Time” for this family.  Boxes are being brought in tonight; packing starts Monday, after our crazy weekend schedule.  House hunting will happen tomorrow all day.  I’m out of breath just thinking about it all. I need to call and cancel utilities and cable here in Charleston and set them up in Savannah.  We have to rent the moving truck and hire day laborers to move our things.  Life is about to move in fast forward for the next 3 weeks or so.

This move is bitter sweet.  It means that we will be locating a new midwife and pediatrician.  I am very attached to our birth center and midwives in Jacksonville, FL.  We really thought we would be transferred back there and use the birth center for this baby again.  But it is not going to happen now.  I will have one more appointment with them after the move, and then I will transfer to a midwife in Savannah.  However, this does give us the opportunity to home birth now.  As far as the pediatrician goes, I’m devastated to leave the practice in Jacksonville.  We belong to a group of natural pediatricians.  We have not vaccinated.  We have never once been looked at twice for extended breastfeeding.  When we attend a well-check, the first question from their mouths is, “How’s nursing going?”  That cannot be found everywhere.  They do not believe in giving any type of medication unless holistic and herbal approaches will not work.  I am hoping to find a similar practice in Georgia, although I have heard that these are very few and far between.  I just do not want to fight with a doctor who does not support our beliefs for our children.

On a different note:  This kid is crazy in my uterus!  I mean, up all night, throwing dance parties, dancing on my bladder, karate chopping, and back-flipping!  It is wonderful to be able to know that baby is so healthy.  I am finding myself saying “dude” and “little man” to my belly.  I feel awful and have huge apologies to make if this baby comes out a girl! Haha.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE another little girl though, but I just know it is a boy.  How much fun though to not truly know!   We do have the great name debate happening in our house right now.  John and I cannot agree on a boy name.  I think we may just have a list and decide on the spot if it is indeed a “HE” that arrives!

So life is insane and crazy right now.  I decided to throw in a girls’ weekend on top of everything else!  Well, it has been planned for about 5 months or so now.  The timing though couldn’t have been worse for us, but that’s okay, I cannot wait for girl time!!   My best friends from college and I are meeting at the beach in Florida tomorrow night and spending the weekend being pampered! We are having massages and pedicures, brunch and a nice dinner out...even a crazy night of bowling!  This will be a much needed stress relief for me right now.  John will have Scarlett all weekend, a first for him.  I have never left her before, but I’m surprisingly not as emotional as I thought I would be about it! They are going to have a great “date” weekend while I enjoy my girls!!! Now if only I could enjoy a strawberry daiquiri on the beach with them...


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