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Thursday, May 05, 2011 00:00

Week 24

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Life has been a rollercoaster of events and emotions awaiting our moving news.  However, we have found out that Savannah is the definite next “stop” for us.  We went house hunting and found a great house to rent for the next year or so.  We would love to relocate, but because of our house in Florida, we cannot afford to.  Hopefully we can sell that house next year and then talk about a permanent location!  I am not a huge fan of renting when I know we have a wonderful house just sitting there with all of our personal touches to it.  But, in today’s world, you do what is needed to make money!  We are down to 8 days of packing before the move.

I’m a little bit overwhelmed but taking it one step at a time.  I have a donate pile, a trash pile, and then moving boxes.  We came to Charleston with a 5 month old and are leaving with a 20 month old.  That’s a LOT of clothes, toys, and STUFF that has grown with her; not to mention that we bought a king sized bed for ourselves and a dresser for Scarlett while living here...We also moved extra things (patio chairs, kayaks, etc.) over the past year.  I’m just hoping it all fits into the moving truck!!

With the stress of the move building, I needed my girls!  We try to see each other as often as possible, but that has become just a few times a year at this point.  We are all over the country and between work and life; it’s hard to get together.  These girls are my best friends.  We met freshman year of college and have been together ever since.  We were celebrating 10 years of friendship with this get-together.  I’m the only one married with babies, but we are all on the same page when it’s just the four of us.  It feels so good to just “be” with them.  We met in Florida this time and spent the weekend at Ponte Vedra Beach.  We stayed up late laughing and talking and taking a million pictures.  We walked to brunch, had massages (there is NOTHING better when pregnant), pedicures, ice-cream, dinner on the town, and even went out dancing!  My belly was rocking the dance floor!!

I’m sure you have realized I did not mention having a toddler with me on my girls’ weekend.  I was away from Scarlett for the first time EVER.  I thought I would be a little more emotional over it, but for some reason, I was fine!  John had her for the weekend and had everything planned out.  He took her fishing and swimming, bbq’d and played all day.  He was exhausted by Sunday evening, but he had a great time.  It was written all over his face.  There is nothing that makes me melt more than seeing him with Scarlett.

I’m officially into the 23rd week of this pregnancy.  By the time we are moved and settled, I’ll be close to 26 weeks!  Where is the time going?!  I am feeling beyond great and hitting the gym 3-5 days a week.  My boot camp classes are still going strong too, until we move anyway! I can’t wait to start them in Savannah.  This belly though is growing out of control!  It is SO SO low.  I mean, it points DOWN.  I just laugh at my pictures at this point.  Hopefully it’ll help with a quick delvery!


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