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Sunday, July 24, 2011 13:18


Written by Elizabeth Elizabeth
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This bun is baking away!  He (or she) moves more than I could ever imagine to be normal. Haha.  I cannot wait to see him (or her) in the outside world.  I wonder if there will be constant wiggling and movements even in sleep?  I love finding the little things that only I can recognize from holding the baby in-utero, things that no one else existed until birth.

I think that is one of the reasons that I love being pregnant so much.  This baby is MINE while inside of me.  I know I know, baby is mine after birth as well, but not like this.  Once baby is here, I have to share.  Maybe I’m just selfish, but the time that I have alone with baby is the greatest, most intimate time of my life.  I am never alone while carrying a baby.  My body literally grows this child.  It takes my breath away. I do get nervous though about post-partum depression.  I worry because I love being pregnant so much, that after the belly is gone and baby is no longer just mine, that I will be sad.  I didn’t suffer from depression at all with Scarlett, and I loved being pregnant with her, but I was ready for her to be here.  This baby, though, I am just treasuring the whole thing differently.  I have no urge to do primrose oil tablets at 36 weeks (to soften cervix) or see the chiropractor and acupuncturist to induce labor, etc.  All of these natural things I did with Scarlett starting at 36 weeks.  They are all safe and recommended, but this time I won’t start anything until 38 weeks or later. If even then.  I will however do my exercises to keep baby head down!

We took family maternity pictures this weekend on the beach, just a quick little photo-shoot.  They turned out fantastic!  I love not spending $300 on a photographer and using a family member and a nice camera instead J.  We used the blocks to spell out “Family” and had Scarlett in a little white sundress.  We wore “worn/tattered” jeans and button down tops, mine tied up over my belly.  I cannot wait to order prints from shutterfly and frame one for the baby room and one for the family room.  I’m trying to figure out now the newborn pictures.  I’m going to use a nice basket and blanket and do the pictures of baby alone like that, but we want a few family pictures.  Any ideas?  I was thinking maybe a picnic setting with all of us overlooking the marsh, but I don’t know.  I have time to play with some ideas!

We’ve been at the beach all week.  I love vacations!  Scarlett and I are pretty much the color of perfectly baked bread.  She could easily pose as the coppertone baby right now!  Her butt is the shade of a ghost and naked, she looks like she’s still wearing her bikini.  We have 2 days left of vacation before we hit the road back to Savannah, back to reality.  John left yesterday to go back to work.  He wanted the whole week off, but because of the baby coming, he needed to save a few days.  Now that he’s gone, I wish he would have taken the entire week off!  But I will appreciate the time saved when baby arrives.

OH, I almost forgot.  I stopped in to a “Once Upon A Child” store yesterday afternoon.  I have never been in one.  Where have I been!?!?  I bought a Bumbo seat and a travel swing and a Care Bear movie for Scarlett all for $40.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  The bumbo alone is worth $60!  Everything was in perfect condition and I will re-sanitize before baby gets here.  I highly recommend searching for a branch of this store near you if you are pregnant!

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