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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 10:26


Written by Elizabeth Elizabeth
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It has been a week of celebrating this baby!!  My baby shower was Saturday in Jacksonville, FL.  I am beyond blessed to have the greatest friends in the world.  They threw a wonderful “sprinkle” shower for the baby that included henna belly painting, cake pops (oh so yummy), presents, and food.  One of the hostesses arranged an activity I had never heard of before, and I was beyond impressed with the outcome!  She found a company that turns artwork into handmade quilts.  She took scrapbooking paper and taped it together to meet the measurements for the quilt and then hung it on the wall.  The paper matches the baby’s room (a light aqua/teal).  Then everyone cut out different shapes and such to glue onto the hanging paper.  It started with two huge branches, and everyone added leaves, birds, bugs, dragonflies, caterpillars, etc.  By the time it was finished, I wanted to frame it!  The hostess took the pictures needed and sent them in, and I will have a beautiful quilt for the baby room by the time the baby is born! I cannot wait to see it finished.

I am so grateful for all the gifts we have received for this little babe.  Being the second child, we don’t need much, but what we did need, we got!  Gift cards that went toward a new monitor, a few newborn onesies (until we know the gender and can shop!), a music sound machine for the nursery, cloth wipes, new towels, etc.  Scarlett helped to open all of the presents and would say, “BABY!” as she unwrapped.  I had her help me put things away in the baby room too.  She felt so special, which of course made me happy!

I enjoyed my weekend in Jacksonville.  My in-laws kept Scarlett and I busy.  They also helped put together the new stroller that they purchased for us!  The new Bumbleride Indie Twin in the fog color! It went together pretty easy and pushes like a dream!  I cannot wait to go for my first run with it once baby is here.

I also received my custom ring sling from   A girlfriend of mine had it made for the shower.  It is GORGEOUS!  I am a huge babywearing mama, so a new sling is always welcome in my collection!

On the home front:  Life is day-to-day normal here.  Pool time, playground time, and naptime seem to take up most of our days.  I have no complaints.  We are pinching pennies, so dinners have to last at least two nights, but that’s not new for us.  J

Oh I almost forgot!!!  Scarlett has not had an accident all week!  She has been in big girl panties during the day (or naked at home) for the past 2-3 weeks, but we decided to try the panties at night, and she has not had an accident yet!  It’s as if she woke up one day and just said, “I’m done with diapers.”  It makes me a little sad not to be washing the cloth diapers and hanging them out to dry, but I am so proud of her!  I have a potty seat in the car, two around the house, and the one that sits on the actual toilet in each bathroom.  She does a “Potty Dance” after she uses the bathroom and it cracks us up.  I can’t believe how big my baby girl is getting!

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