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Monday, August 08, 2011 20:16


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Can you believe that it took over a WEEK to have our air fixed in the Savannah house?  Well, believe it!  It was finally fixed yesterday evening.  I decided to take Scarlett and the dog (Matilda) down to Jacksonville and stay with the In-laws until it was fixed and we had a cool house.  I am so glad that I did!  We had a great week here!  Scarlett and I have been shopping with Grandma, out to dinner, to the pool with friends, play dates, to the zoo, etc.  This will be the last time I get to see any of my friends until after the baby arrives.  We have had so much fun.  But we are ready to get back up to John this evening.  Five days apart is just too much!  Although, maybe not if there’s no A/C involved!  J

I have a potty training update from Scarlett!  At 23 months old now, she is officially out of diapers.  I brought a few with me this week and haven’t put one on her yet.  The last time she wore a diaper was overnight at the hotel last week, but even then, she woke up dry.  I just didn’t want to risk a hotel bed!  She hasn’t had a daytime diaper on since the 4th of July and that was because we were out all day.  It really has been since mid-June!  I cannot believe that my baby girl is potty trained! (Well, I don’t know what point is actually declared “potty trained.” But I’m calling her potty trained!)

I’m hitting the 36 week mark this week and will hold my breath for about 7 days.  I always get scared at this point because I am so close to full term!  My gut says I’ll go until about 39 weeks or so, but still – at this point, baby would be a preemie, and by next week he/she would be full term.  So it’s just watching a clock at this point!  My mid-wife left for England and will return August 1st.  My mom is at a conference in California and will be back next week – and is driving to us August 4th.  So August 5th is the earliest this baby can come!  I know I know, baby will come whenever, but I have had a firm talking to with him/her about August 5th.  I’d love an August 5-8th baby.  That way there’s a good 4-7 days between birthdays in the house!

I have written about the baby being “Sunny-Side-Up,” well no change there.  I am now standing on my head –yes a HEAD STAND- every day trying to disengage this kid from my pelvis and give him/her a second shot at engaging in a better position. I’m also taking calcium magnesium and other herbal supplements to relax the bones and muscles to aid in the process.  However, there has been no luck so far.  I must admit that I must look absurd on my head with this belly.  My in-laws have just been laughing at me every night.  Scarlett looks freaked out and says, “No Mommy!!”  I have not given up hope that baby will turn slightly, but at this point, I’m realizing that labor may just not be exactly what I was expecting. It may be more painful, longer, and harder this time around.  As long as I am mentally prepared for it, I will be ok.  That is the mindset of natural birthing.

We are packing up to head home today.  I wish everyone a happy week ahead!!!

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