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Sunday, December 01, 2013 12:51

Written by Elizabeth Elizabeth
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Hot Mamas

How are you all doing out there?  Leave a little love for me and let me know what stage of mommy-hood you are in.

Is everyone “kegel-ing”?  If not, this is your friendly reminder to do so.

How about walking? Jogging? Maybe even running? At least moving more than you were last week?

My household is preparing for the upcoming Color Vibe 5k run this weekend.  This 30 week “bump” will be skipping through the course while holding hands with Red Bird in her 2nd annual color run!  At the ripe old age of 3, she finished her first 5k.  She has been counting down the months until this year’s event.  However, in my eyes, this year’s run has a whole new meaning for me.  Two weeks ago, I lost a very good mommy-friend to an undiagnosed heart condition.  She left behind a 23 month old and a 3 month old.  My heart breaks and will continue to hurt for the loss her family has experienced.  She was training for her first 5k: The Color Vibe.  So, we will be partaking in the event this year in her honor.

On the note of races and runs, go ahead and look up an upcoming event near you.  Whether you are newly pregnant, big ole’ belly pregnant, a few weeks postpartum, or years postpartum, you can participate in a walk/run.  Do not be scared. Come on, get off your big ole’ mama booty and let’s do this!  Step up your exercise routine this week by adding distance to your walk/jog.  Play great music and dance while doing so.  Go as a family – or go solo, just get outside and go!

Basic Exercise of the week:  Squatting.

Squatting can open the pelvic floor 10% more than any other position in labor.  Practicing while pregnant, prepares the muscles to be able to birth in this position.  It also allows the baby to position itself as low as possible before the start of labor, potentially shortening your labor time and pain.  Squatting builds the quadriceps and glutes (Think legs and butt).  Two things all hot mamas would like to improve upon.

There are MANY ways to squat.  If you are just starting out, work on standing from a sitting position without using your hands to help you.  Once that is accomplished, work on a chair squat: feet under shoulders, lower booty as if you are sitting in a chair and then stand back up.  Keep your core (belly and back) engaged, shoulders down, and chest out while doing the exercise.  You can also perform a wide squat.  Feet double shoulder-width apart, squat low and come back to standing.  Easy-peasy, right?  Do a set of 12, rest, repeat, rest, repeat…  You’ll thank me later.

Being 30 weeks pregnant, I need to get on my squats!  Running Man and I have successfully had two Bradley Method natural child births, our last at home, and we are currently planning another homebirth.  Baby is healthy, as am I, and I cannot wait for Red Bird and Brother Bear to be a part of this birth!  I exercise almost every day, but the final countdown has begun so I need to make sure my body is completely ready.

Our house is decked out in Fall motif at the moment, and Fall is in the air where we live.  The tea kettle is whistling and gluten/egg free cookies will be baking soon. (Oh the joys of Brother Bear having food allergies. But that is a post all in itself.)  Somehow, both little ones decided to nap today – must be because they didn’t sleep last night.  So this Hot Mama is going to enjoy her tea, set up our school boxes for the afternoon (It’s Moon and Stars week for us!), and enjoy a quiet moment before reality awakes.


Elizabeth MacDonald


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