Here come the holidays Hot Mamas!! Print
Sunday, December 01, 2013 12:56

Written by Elizabeth Elizabeth
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Here come the holidays Hot Mamas!!

Put down the Halloween candy.  Remove it from its hiding spot.  Well, leave just few pieces in the freezer for a rainy evening snack, but remove all other from your home!

With the start of the holidays bringing candy, desserts, excess plate sizes, and many many alcoholic beverages (because the entire family will be within arms’ reach within some point), exercise will be your sanity keeper.  Whether you are pregnant or a new mommy, exercise will play more of a role than just physical health happiness to you this season, it will help you keep your sanity.

Continue walking, jogging, or running; add distance or increase your time while you are at it.  If it’s too cold out to do this comfortably and you are not a gym member or treadmill owner, then we are about to get creative.  Walk the mall or other indoor enjoyable place.  If home is your only option then follow this week’s exercise plan.

This week’s task:

Grab a stopwatch, timer, phone clock, etc.  You will be doing 30 second intervals with 15 second rests.  Everyone can do this; you can march in place with high knees as the cardio if needed.  Perform the exercise for 30 seconds and take 15 seconds to catch your breath and prepare for the next.  Take a 2 minute rest at the end and then begin the entire set again.  If you can get a third set in, go for it!

Ready?  Set?   GO!!!

Jumping jacks – keep arms high

Lateral hops -- feet together and hop side to side

Wide squats


High knees

Right leg lunges

High knees

Calf raises


Now that you are sweaty and thanking me for a quick workout, grab some water and read on as I catch you up on life in our house.  Red Bird was a sweet little cat for Halloween and Brother Bear was Curious George.  I should add though that Halloween is NOT a sensory child’s holiday.  We should have been more prepared for how Bear would handle it.  Too many people, costumes, noises for him; his poor little body went into anxiety and sensory overload.  He literally threw up on the sidewalk (no candy was involved).  Needless to say, Bear and I headed home to snuggle and decompress.  I think we will stick to a Halloween party next year.

Running Man and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this month.  The In-laws watched Red Bird and Brother Bear at the zoo for the morning, while we headed out for brunch and a movie date.  I forget how nice it is to just hold Running Man’s hand sometimes.  We’ve been together for 8.5 years, almost 3 babies now, 6 moves, and I wouldn’t change a thing… well, I am sick of moving, but that’s out of our hands.  Anywho, we enjoyed a lovely day date in celebration of our awesome marriage.

Red Bird is learning about hibernation right now.  We built a cave from an old box and have been drawing and writing the names of animals that sleep through the winter.  Did you know that ladybugs hibernate?  Some frogs sit in the water, allowing their bodies to freeze?  I am learning as much as my four year old!  I love homeschooling!  Brother Bear is enthralled with imaginative play.  He builds trains and cars and “drives” them throughout the house.  His imagination makes me smile.

Baby #3 is still baking away at 36 weeks.  I have absolutely no gut feeling on the gender, but names have been decided!  The goal is to have the house decorated and presents purchased before baby’s arrival!

I wish you all a wonderful start to the holiday season!

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