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Wednesday, December 01, 2010 00:00

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We all get excited about the holidays. It is the time of year to meet up with friends we may have not seen in some time. Tis’ also the season where family members recreate those delicious yet decadent plates of food that, in our youth, we could consume with great abandon to calories. Today, it is a different story just because we do not spend the energy that we once did in our childhood. We don’t jump rope for hours or run and chase each other, nor do we just ride our bike without direction just because we do not wish to be sitting on the couch.

So, we must modify our eating choices and not deprive ourselves of the moments of fellowship with family and friends. After all, the various types of celebrations we will attend will include food. So, here are some pointers to help us have a great time and not have to go shopping after Christmas for a bigger size wardrobe. If our waist size remains the same, our clothes closet will be the only thing that grows as we add new pieces.

Tip of the Day: Add a dash of Cayenne pepper to you food to increase your metabolic rate. It has the ability to accelerate and increase your blood circulation thus increasing your metabolism. Don’t confuse this with a method to lose weight loss but rather as an aide while watching your calories. So go ahead and sprinkle 1 tsp of Cayenne pepper on your soup or salad. Don’t add butter to that roll and think that the cayenne pepper will be the magic pill. You must be an avid participant in the choices. Maybe you are not use to eating Cayenne pepper so it might take you a little while to gradually get to the optimum one teaspoon daily. You can even add it to your juices to better disguise the taste. If you do not like Cayenne pepper you could take it in capsule form but it will take a little longer as the capsule dissolves in your stomach.

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